Hi I’m Rebecca Stow, freelance video games journalist. I have written for various sites and outlets, discussing everything from the biggest new releases to quirky indie titles. You can see a collection of my reviews and features here:

Some of my latest articles:

Every Resident Evil Console Spinoff, Ranked

Capcom recently announced Project Resistance, a team-based Resident Evil spin-off game that pits a group of survivors against the zombies and big bads the franchise is famous for.

Survival without the horror: a new gaming trend

Every major console has had its unit-shifting survival horror game, with franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill cementing the genre as one of the most lucrative…

Subnautica Review

Hurled from a burning starship dropping out of orbit, the opening minutes of Subnautica are tense to say the least. Lost in the waters of an unexplored planet, the only option is to try to stay alive…

Best PS4 Games You Can Play in a Day Guide

What are the best PS4 games you can beat in a day? With time so precious in this busy world, there is often far less opportunity to game…

Beyond Blue, Interview with Steve Zimmermann

What follows below is a transcript of my interview with Steve Zimmermann, The Vice President of Marketing at E-Line Media…

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